So I downloaded the Rebellion Pack this morning and I'm wondering, am I the only one who thought it a bit lazy? Especially in comparison to the Resurgence Pack.

My reasoning:

1) the firebases are both very similar to areas from the single player, whereas Hydra stood out in the Resurgence Pack because it was something completely new.

2) the new characters all share two powers between them. While it is cool that six new powers have been created, it does mean that both vorcha (for example) will play essentially the same.

3) the character choices also strike me as a bit lazy. While i like the idea of a vorcha, and a quarian male makes sense as they have been in the games before, the quarian males and cerberus soldiers seem poor choices. I for one would rather see more turians or salarian classes rather than more humans.

Still, what does everyone else think?

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