Ok so Omega is here and I have just finished it.

I have to say I was very impressed. Bioware promised it would be large and they didn't disappoint as Shepard and Aria battled all over Omega, including visiting some familiar locations. Nyreen was an interesting character who I was shocked to see perish, but I found her a welcome, if short, addition to the mythos of the series. The party banter was welcome, as were the interactions in Aria's bunker between her new supporting cast. Bray was especially a favourite of mine. The new enemies proved challenging and a welcome addition to the Cerberus grunts we have gotten so used to killing by now. It was also good to see the true cost of taking Omega, and the cinematic scenes showing this struggle were incredible. In fact I could only find one thing to criticise and that was that Nyreen's 'reveal' as the Talon leader had already been spoiled by the marketing department.

Obviously there were things I would have liked to see added to Omega, such as a multiplayer map included with the DLC, or more of Omega's cast in ME2 returning. Don't get me wrong seeing Harrot and the Mad Prophet return was welcome and surprising, and new characters like Azh and Jarral were nice to see, but it would have been nice to find out what happened to such characters as Gavorn, Shisk, Patriarch, Anto, Grizz and Helena Blake.

On the whole I really enjoyed it. It may not have added as much to the story as From Ashes or Leviathan, but it provided an entertaining side journey where we got to really fight a war. Id recommend it.

But what did you all think?

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