So In Mass effect 3, if Shepard is romancing neither of them, Garrus and Tali can start a relationship. Ken and Gabby can also end up together, and Shepard can encourage EDI and Joker to develop a relationship.

The Citadel DLC expanded on this theme by having James and Ashley hook up at the Party., as well hinting at something between Samara and Zaeed.

So my question is this: Which other romances would you envision among the crew? Who would you like to see the romance options end up with if unromanced by Shepard? What about the other squadmates? Which other characters can you see going well together?

Personally I like the idea of Kaidan and Cortez getting together. A friend of mine also had a thing about seeing Zaeed with Dr Chakwas, but I think she would be better suited with Adams after seeing them in ME3.

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