Personally I loved the Extended Cut. I have played through two endings already myself, and watched the other two online (god bless youtube!) and I really love the work that has been put in, especially as Bioware had no obligation to either make this, or give it away for free!

While I wish the EMS had played a bigger part in defeating the Reapers I enjoyed the redone endings. I had always expected Shepard to die at the conclusion of this trilogy so that wasn't a surprise, but the explanations of what the endings mean, the clarifications of how synthesis, destroy and control will all work, and the effect they will have on the galaxy, as well as the options to refuse all of them, were all welcome additions to the ending. It makes sense now, no matter what you choose it feels like you are being rewarded, even if you refuse the Catalyst.

And the epilogue images were the icing on the cake, whether it was seeing the Reapers help to rebuild, the krogan children, maskless quarians with geth, or the flashes of your old squadmates such as Zaeed, Jack and Samara. It was fantastic to get a hint of what comes next for your squad. In my own headcanon I can now see all my old squadmates pursuing new lives. And I am not ashamed to say I cried at Shepard's funeral.

So that is my opinion, and I know there is still some hate for the endings, but what does everyone think? What did you like, what didn't you like, and most importantly, why?

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