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  • Garhdo

    Have we not got anything on site for the new 4D ride? Especially with it opening now?

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  • Garhdo

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    June 15, 2015 by Garhdo

    We have a title and a cinematic trailer.


    Looks like the rumours were accurate.

    Edit: a screencap from the trailer appears to show a human female and krogan companion [2]

    edit: little late on this one due to travelling to work, but a blog with details from Bioware [3]

    Edit: Some screenshots from the trailer and concept art - most has been seen previously but we have confirmation now its for ME:A [4]

    Edit: Looks like we will have to wait until towards the end of the year for further details. [5]

    EDIT: I should point out that this is a leaked image, and not direct from Bioware, but based on how accurate the previous reddit leak appears to have been I am linking it here as a matter of interest. If accurate it tells us how Andromeda and the ARKCONā€¦

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  • Garhdo


    I'm just wondering if there are any other Xbox players out there willing to join me on Mass Effect 3's multiplayer?

    I'm thinking of doing a full run through of every map in the game in campaign order at some point in the future, varying the difficulty as we go, and I'm looking for a group of experienced players to join me.

    If interested then reply here and we can start getting something sorted.

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  • Garhdo

    Hey all! Just posting the link to this gem I found online earlier:

    Inside this interview Mac Walters talks about writing Mass Effect Foundation, as well as speaks a little bit about working on the new Mass effect game as well as Bioware's newest IP. There is also some pretty artwork from the upcoming issues.


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  • Garhdo

    Playing Mass Effect 3 again recently I got to thinking - exactly how long did the Reaper War last? Does Mass Effect 3 actually end in 2187 perhaps?

    MY thinking is along the lines that in-game we are told that Earth fell months ago - this is stated by several people when you return during Priority: Earth, notably Hackett. We know Shepard spent a lot of time flying around the galaxy to stop the Reapers, and we know that as mass relay travel is not instantaneous, that took time (I'm aware the codex says the travel is instantaneous, but look at the opening scene of ME1 - the Normandy is travelling for a while.) We know that Shepard was given shore leave, because the Normandy needed repairs, suggesting the Normandy had been active on the frontliā€¦

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