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GRPeng February 24, 2012 User blog:GRPeng

So I finally get around to downloading the demo last night, play through on Hardcore and start another run on Insanity. I start using powers to destroy husks effortlessly with a flick of my fingers trying to conserve ammo (while Anderson asks over and over if I forgot how to shoot) then run out of ammo without having fired a shot?!? Okay... I get to the Salarian world and again start having problems trying to get Shepard to take cover they way I want after flanking Cerberus. It is like the kinds of problems I used to have with playing Uncharted. I jump into the key bindings page to see if I can change things around to split up commands for finer control and it hits me like a high explosive round out of a HMWSR X with two VII Rail Extensions!!! Once more M$ pays off a developer (cough*Oblivion*cough) to ensure high sales. The game has been crippled on the PC, so I won't massively PWN xPox users. (sighs and quits Demo)

Edit: Yes, yes, I now know there is no cross platform play. It was not obvious to me from reading through Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer or Integrated Co-op Multiplayer. Hopefully a PC user that likes trying different tactics on the most difficult level and has played some games on a console will log in and comment. GRPeng 18:36, February 28, 2012 (UTC)

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