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  • GODof123WAR

    Following this wiki's descent into anarchy, I decided to leave it and I became more entrenched in the Warhammer 40k universe. This is the first time I've done anything ME-related in months and I must say: wat.

    So you can play as the Collectors now?

    Where did that guy who hates Talibrations go?

    What else happened in my absence?

    It really seems that there's no creativity involved in any of the new DLCs now.

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  • GODof123WAR

    With my first DLC suggestion being as bad as Tali's face, I decided to make a second one. This second one is FAR more logical and I think you would like it. Enjoy.

    Note: I'm updating this sometimes. I also have additional ideas not found here, or anywhere else, for new classes. These are: The N7 Archer Soldier, Drell Infiltrator, Cerberus Sentinel, Geth Prime Engineer, N7 Storm Vanguard and Krogan Adept.

    When many of the great Project Pheonix biotics left Cerberus, the powerful warriors of Project Behemoth saw no problem with indoctrination, until they saw what it could do. Project Pheonix began kidnapping live subjects to experiment on, similarily to what the Teltin facility on Pragia did many years ago. This prompted the Project Behemoth s…

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  • GODof123WAR

    This idea has been lodged in my brain for a while now, and Wikia seems to be the only way to express it.


    The new race could be the Protheans. Wait, lemme finish. They could be created using Javik's DNA. Created through extensive research to give the Reapers the impression they've failed, the Protheans will be driven by AIs and VIs that were modeled after Javik. Therefore, each of these Protheans would be more or less exactly like Javik. The Adepts, Engineers and Infiltrators have 250 Shields, the Soldiers have 500 Shields and the Vanguards and Sentinels have 750 Shields. Their Shields/Barriers will be green though. The bar at the bottom of the screen will also be GREEN. Their dodge mo…

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