Just been thinking about who is likely to be recruitable in Mass Effect 3, and how difficult Bioware have made it for themselves with all the possible outcomes.

Here's my thinking on who will/won't be in ME3 and why (assuming everyone was recruited, loyal and survived):

As the only character guaranteed to still be alive it seems likely that she will be a squad member.

Quite likely. Not like he's got anything better to do (or does he?)

It's possible that whichever one survived Virmire could become part of Shepard's crew. The additional dialgoue required for this might dissuade Bioware from doing it, though.

Mainly recruited to help fight the Collectors, and after their destruction presumably those particular talents won't be needed. May be a recruit but it is suggested he's not exactly young for a salarian.

Possibly. If you take her with you to the final boss of ME2 and choose to destroy the Collector base she tells the Illusive Man that she quits Cerberus, suggesting loyalty to Shepard.

Possibly. May still be with Shepard after the end of ME2 to help prepare for the Reapers.

Possibly. There are various potential outcomes from her loyalty mission. If she was exonerated she mentions that some quarians have suggested her as a replacement for her father as an admiral. If exiled, could conceivably choose to stay on the Normandy with Shepard. Tough to call.

Unlikely, she was only helping Shepard because (s)he broke her out of Purgatory.

Most likely on Tuchanka, or out in the galaxy somewhere on behalf of Urdnot. May be a point of contact (other than Wrex) with the krogan.

During Mass Effect 2 he is dying of Kepral's Syndrome, so depending on the gap between ME2 and ME3, he'll either be dead, dying or cured. If still alive at that point, probably won't be a recruit.

Samara / Morinth
Samara says at the end of Mass Effect 2 that if Shepard needs her, she will come for him/her. Not sure about Morinth, but I wouldn't imagine that she would be too keen to risk herself on some noble crusade.

Probably back with the geth. May be a liason between Shepard and the geth in Mass Effect 3.

Most likely still busy on Tuchanka.

Doubtful as he was only paid by the Illusive Man to assist with the suicide mission.

Doubtful for the same reason as Zaeed.

All this leads me to think that the squad overall will be smaller in Mass Effect 3 than 2. 6-8 people probably.

Would be interested to hear others' opinions on this.

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