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    Hey Guys,

    I only got into Mass Effect recently (okay, a year ago) and I only beat ME3 for the first time three months ago (I went near-full paragon, synthesis ending, if that matters to anyone). I was not as disappointed as most (mainly because I knew what I was in for ahead of time), and actually liked the majority of the ending(s), but that part with the catalyst just pissed me off. So this is how I'd fix it:

    1. Replace the Star-Kid (I refuse to call him the Catalyst, as I believe Shepard was the actual Catalyst) with Harbinger in hologram form (similar to the end of Arrival). Harbinger has already been established as the leader of the Reapers. We don't need to have a last second new reaper leader thrown in. Even if Harbinger said the exac…

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