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    Some official squadmates in Mass Effect: Andromeda are already revelated but I like using my imagination to write some of squadmates I'd like to have in the upcoming game. I have no ideas for names, so I'll use nicknames instead.

    • Jackal - tech and combat powers user- A vorcha hunter with sleeveless jacket full of old knives and poisonous darts. He's a notorius hunter, not bounty or head hunter, he hunts wild beasts, the more dangerous the better. He eats meat of his prey and sells their bones as trophies, but the most unique ones he keeps for himself. To hunt them he constructs various traps and that's his favorite method of hunting. He joins Ryder to hunt new beasts.
    • Bomber - offensive engineer - An alliance male Engineer specialized in exp…
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  • FirstDrellSpectre

    Mass Effect: Andromeda is comming and I wish there were some improvements.

    • I want to feel the game is more an RPG than shooter. I felt each new game is more a shooter and less an rpg.
    • If the protagonist has to be N7, then may each class has various power sets and proper armors like N7 characters in ME3 Earth DLC.
    • Volus companion or drell companion or batarian companion, but I still like quarians.
    • Interrupts present in ME2 and ME3 replaced by dialogue wheel with time limit, so I could know what am I going to do. When I used paragon interrupt in Zaeed's mission I expected just to scold him, not to hit him.
    • Negotiations as proper choice of words not just charisma vel reputation. It would make conversations more realistic and seeking middle ground …
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