Today's news are rather... interesting. This is it, copy-pasted from the CDN article:

07/13/2010 - Eupulmos Device Helping Victims of Respiratory Diseases

“A new technology is helping victims of the Vallum Blast breathe easier -- literally. Researchers at U. Thierax are attacking the myriad of respiratory diseases caused by inhaling dust around the blast site. Dubbed "medi-gel for the lungs," the Eupulmos Device analyzes a patient's tissue or medicard record before adjusting its virally-delivered superdrugs to match the patient's genetic predispositions. After that, the mister sprays the aerosol into the patient's nasal passages and the drug is absorbed into the lungs. The mister can also deliver microsurgery machines to make non-invasive repairs to tissue and has a color-coded nozzle at each end with separate agent reservoirs for dextro and levo patients. Said one ER staffer, "The effect is incredible. In a year, the whole galaxy will be using these things."”

For one thing, this could be a hint on some new feature to be presented in ME3. For another, it could VERY WELL be a cure to Thane and every sick drell out there.

Just thought I'd share. Have at it.

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