information came to my attention on the up coming Mass Effect 3 from a Spanish website called atomix. here is the linked page[1]. On the bottom should be two new screen-shots of the game[2][3]. I'm not sure if this is real info or not but i thought it might be a good heads up to people hungry for more news on the game. Quick heads up tho, I've read it and it doesn't contain many key plot spoilers but game-play wise and what you would expect from the game, read at your own discretion. here is the translated info...

"A Spanish magazine called Player has published an article on Mass Effect 3 and it reveals many new details of the game. It is clear that the note contains a lot of spoilers, so I come to read at your own risk.

New details in summary are:

- Among the troops manned Cerberus include fuses, assault units and storm troopers. The reason that Cerberus is against us is explained at the beginning of the adventure.

- The Reapers have different sizes, from 500 to 600 feet of smaller ships, up to 2 km to reach the Herald.

- Some of Shepard's new skills include coverage starts looking for the Max Payne, rolling, jumping small holes in the ground, as the SWAT turn and strike the enemy with greater variety of melee attacks. It specifically mentions a new class: Heavy Melee, which uses these combat capabilities.

- Among the customizable weapons are the guns and windows. There are five variants in each section.

- Could there be space battles, but not yet confirmed.

- There will be bigger stages. We will see people walking, fighting ships and architecture in greater detail. Look for the photo realism of sites using new lighting techniques on the stage. It has also improved the atmosphere and the number of dynamic elements of the stage, increasing interactivity with the player.

- Some of the locations visited include New York, London, a moon of Koriana world, the salariano and Mars, among others. The development of each environment takes about 6 months, testing the levels from the outset.

- There will be dynamic damage on enemies. The strands of Cerberus, for example, requires that we shoot a weak point, the glass cockpit in order to overcome them. In other enemies we cut off the arms, head or sever break various pieces of his armor.

- The fighting will be more dynamic, as it will force us to move more frequently.

- In terms of exploration, no vehicles will control seen in previous installments. The main gameplay is designed without them and will continue. This does not mean they do not go to any, but can not reveal more for now." --Ffinfinity1 08:34, April 21, 2011 (UTC)

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