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  • FatMan2539

    (Let me just start by saying that yes this is a direct copy of my section on the ME2 guide Talk page)... I've got Miranda and Jack as my only 2 loyal people so far, no save pre-mission, am a lvl 14 adept, w/ 7 points for my shep, have warp ammo, points are allocated as follows: Warp - lvl 3, Throw - lvl 1, Singularity - lvl 2, Pull - lvl 2, Shockwave - lvl 0, Biotic Mastery - lvl 3, Warp ammo - lvl 2. And I'm playing on Insanity (Playthrough 1 obviously). OK, my question is this, what's the best course of action for this mission (team, allocation of points, weapons training etc.) --FatMan2539--

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