• Extra-Planetal

    Well I've seen a lot of posts on the where the Reaper's logic doesn't make sense, but here are some more:

    1. Their attack. In Mass Effect 1 we learn the Reapers enter the galaxy through the Citadel relay, kill the governments of the galaxy and then take control of all the Mass Relays through the Citadel. In Mass Effect 3 they for some reason start attacking the home-worlds 1st, then they move on to the Citadel. They are then able to move the Citadel to Earth (how and why?), but don't use it to take control of the Mass Relays. This makes no sense.

    2. Citadel. In Mass Effect 1 we learn that the Citadel is a giant Relay connected to dark space. It is then activated by the Reaper Vanguard when it deems it the right time for the cycle to …

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