• ExSturminator01

    Alright, was hoping I'd find some place to put these ideas down and get them organized. Warning to anyone reading this, I've beaten the second game and this has spoilers...probably a lot, so you were warned, don't read if you dont want them.

    First, the setup for the third: Obviously based on the end of ME2, the Reapers are on their way. Shepard's still got time cuz they're coming in via their own power, but they're awake and moving nonetheless. Also judging by the closing scene, there's a lot of Reapers. Sovereign was just one and he decimates the Citadel and multiple fleets. His pinky cracked off and almost killed Shepard in the first game for crying out loud. So, now with a whole flip-ton of them coming, obviously fighting is not gon…

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