• Evil-Tree

    One of my favourite parts of ME when playing it was Saren. His character was so deep, the tragic hero misguided into doing evil hit me hard. His biotic powers, looks and final suicide scene were the icing on the cake for him to be my favourite character. However hopes of his returning are slim, being burnt to a crisp and all but I have a some ideas as to how he can make his return.

    Problem 1, his body: With the lazarus project they already had the majority of shep's body so reconstruction was (relatively) easy. Saren's body may have been mostly circuitry and burnt but samples of DNA may exist. Some government adgecies keep blood supplies of their agents in case transfusion is needed, why not Spectre's too? DNA, modern cloning and hey presto…

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  • Evil-Tree

    Legion on Horizon

    November 24, 2011 by Evil-Tree

    We know that Ashley/Kaidan react like Jerks to Shepard in their meeting on Horizon, that special dialogue takes place between Garrus and Tali if they're there and that Thane and Samara/Morinth become mute. But what of Legion, I've searched this site and Youtube for his dialogue during that mission but I see none. I wonder if anyone has attempted to play him on Horizon before, what Ashley/Kaidan's reaction to a Geth is or whether he's just another mute.

    Thoughts anyone?

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  • Evil-Tree

    What's your Reaper plan?

    November 4, 2011 by Evil-Tree

    (Play on Red vs Blue Zombie plan)

    There are two people in this galaxy, one's with plans for the inevitable Reaper invasion and those who don't. I like to call those people Reaper Slush (or Turian Councilors).

    In my Reaper plan I go to an uncharted volcanic world with cryo-tubes for me and anyone I wish to join. The volcanic activity will both power the tubes and mask heat from the controls from the Reapers. When we need to wake up? De-hydrated food rations and tinfoil hats for protection against indoctrination. It's brilliant!

    So if you had the resources of the Mass Effect universe (and fistfuls of credits) what would your plan be?

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  • Evil-Tree

    Legion or 50,000 credits? Another squad mate or much needed cash?

    While I'm sure many people choose the former it would be interesting to see the consequence of selling Legion. The first thing that came to mind was the Virus Legion wanted you to stop in his loyalty mission. If sold than the mission isn't given and since Legion is with Cerberus the heretics can complete and release the virus. This means every geth, mainstream or heretic, will fight for the reapers in ME3 leaving no prospect for peace between them and the quarians.

    Legion itself may be interesting as in the Shadow Broker's dossiers if you sold him it shows a transcript of his dismantling in a Cerberus lab and hints of escape. This could potentially mean we'll still see him in …

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