Just pulling these off the top of my head... improved loristics[1] and immersion for those who have done it all.

Mass Effect 2
  • You want to complete all missions and assignments, but you don't want to aid Cerberus any more than absolutely necessary ⇒ you take every opportunity to put some crimps in their operations.
    • Goes without saying: you naturally upload the sensitive intel to anywhere but Cerberus Command in N7: Lost Operative.
    • Take Jack and Tali with you for N7: Eclipse Smuggling Depot to "retreive" the smuggled cargo for Cerberus. In reality, you and the other two cerbhaters turn the operation into a gleeful all-destroying party by letting the mechs do their thing and unfortunately fail to recover a single crate. (satisfaction > mission rewards)
  • The meeting with Legion is obviously one of the most interesting moments in the game. To emphasise the striking "resemblance" between Shep and Legion, equip Shep with greyish N7 armour and apply the regular red pattern colour for this mission.
Mass Effect 3
  • More armour loristics:
    • Unless you still carry a grudge, you want to look alliancesque particularly whenever Ash/Kay or James is on the squad: colour your armour in pure blue and white.
    • When Legion is brought on board, at least switch to matching red pattern colours again. To look like the homies you are.
    • Before launching the clone-hunting mission, make sure to equip Shep with all pieces of the default N7 armour (colours and all) for even more acute creepiness or unacceptability in the last confrontation before the fight.
  • Add some epicness to Anderson's bio logs by having Liara's Vigil piano theme as in-game background music – immensely more atmospheric than just playing whatever other RL music on top. The length of the piano clip is about 1:26, and the perfect moments to activate the bio logs are as follows:
    • "Relationships": Glyph +0:30
    • "Normandy": +0:19
    • "Shepard": +0:13
    • The N7 log is longer than the piano clip and the music is not even essential for this topic, but adds some ambiance. Activate Glyph and run straight to the bar. For "Shepard" and "N7", make sure to stand as far away as possible from the logs (towards the piano) in order for both log and music to be audible.

Not much to hang in the Christmas tree, but that's all I have for now.

  1. loristics noun 1 the theory of optimal actions, characteristics or outcomes of particular characters, events or playthroughs. 2 the part of gameplay dealing with loristic planning, coordination and enactment.

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