Although the actual interest in a collective reading of the novels didn't reflect the impression from the initial blog and chat responses, the MEBC still draws breath! The discussion of Ascension took place in chat only, but we would like to announce the start of Retribution in case anyone would like to hop on board.

Retribution introduces Kai Leng and deals with events directly referenced in Mass Effect 3, such as the gruesome Reaper tech implantations we get a glimpse of in Priority: Horizon. Retribution also offers insight into the (master)minds of Aria T'Loak and The Illusive Man, and further expands on Anderson and Kahlee's history.

The first passage comprises everything up to chapter 7, i.e. the prologue and chapters 1 through 6. We will be discussing in late evenings (UTC) and possibly earlier during weekends. Even if you don't intend to do the reading, anyone interested is welcome to participate in the reviews.

See you around!

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