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  • Elseweyr

    ME3MP Store Guide

    June 22, 2016 by Elseweyr

    "What packs should I buy?" is by far the most common question asked in the ME3MP communities I frequent, followed closely by "People still play this game?!". The answer to the latter is very simple ("Yes"), the former being less straightforward. Since there are nearly a thousand Rare and Ultra-Rare item cards alone, you have an extremely slim chance of unlocking a specific item you want – especially if you're not willing to go through the hassle of only having the DLC pack containing your desired item installed while shopping. Before offering any further tips, my most important advice is this: Try to make do with what you have. If you're not enjoying yourself while working your way towards the "good stuff", the game won't suddenly turn fun…

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  • Elseweyr

    Although the actual interest in a collective reading of the novels didn't reflect the impression from the initial blog and chat responses, the MEBC still draws breath! The discussion of Ascension took place in chat only, but we would like to announce the start of Retribution in case anyone would like to hop on board.

    Retribution introduces Kai Leng and deals with events directly referenced in Mass Effect 3, such as the gruesome Reaper tech implantations we get a glimpse of in Priority: Horizon. Retribution also offers insight into the (master)minds of Aria T'Loak and The Illusive Man, and further expands on Anderson and Kahlee's history.

    The first passage comprises everything up to chapter 7, i.e. the prologue and chapters 1 through 6. We wil…

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  • Elseweyr

    Since we are doing the works in chronological order for the regular MEBC, we decided to launch a special edition dedicated solely to the treatment of the ongoing Mass Effect: Foundation comic series.

    The 9th issue was released a couple of days ago, leaving readers everywhere perplexed: can an adult salarian's cranial horn grow back once it's been broken off (only for it to be nicked again not much later), or did Mac Walters reckon history needed rewriting? Put simply: what the hell did we just read?

    The STG mission where Mordin loses his horn was supposedly already detailed in the Shadow Broker's archived report, which makes it impossible for these mission accounts to be valid simultaneously. The discrepancies entail implications in regards …

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  • Elseweyr

    Whether from a dusty bookshelf or long-lost folder on a hard drive, the time has come to pull out the novels and dig up the comics. Originally an idea by YamiX0, the Mass Effect Book Club brings together seasoned devotees and sprightly newcomers for a chronological readthrough of the series – and you are invited!

    Starting with Mass Effect: Evolution, the comic providing an outline to the Illusive Man's background along with a peek into the fabled First Contact War, each participant will individually read a certain work or passage in a pre-determined period of time. The group will then assemble to exchange views on the selected reading through comments on the respective blog post, and possibly in Chat.

    This post serves as the discussion space for…

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  • Elseweyr

    Errors in Deception "Errors"

    November 29, 2013 by Elseweyr

    While most fans have turned their gaze to the next Mass Effect game, some of us are still clinging to old hopes – such as that of a revised edition of Mass Effect: Deception.

    The novel's various issues are well known to most fans of the series, and many have likely at least glanced at the google doc that is referred to as a "list of errors" on the novel's page here on the wiki. The purpose of this document is evidently to protect Mass Effect canon, but despite doing an overall decent job of it, the doc itself contains too many inaccuracies to qualify as a valid source of information (which any references here should naturally do). Perplexingly, some of the corrections or explanations provided in the doc contradict canon even more than the v…

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