As much as I think that the whole idea of seeing Mass Effect's epic story, interesting characters, badass enemies, and plot-twists o'plenty on the big screen would be cool, I'm just not sure about the idea.

The Mass Effect games center around Commander Shepard (we'll say it's male). As a result, we share a bond with him because, well, we are him. We share his triumphs! We share his failures, then we reload and set the difficulty to the lowest point and then triumph. Without us, Commander Shepard would be nothing. Now, do you think that it's best to cut the strings and let Pinnochio off on his own? Sooner or later, Pinnochio will show up at your house, drunk as a skunk, and looking like Brad Pitt.

Well, how can you make a Mass Effect story interesting and compelling without Commander Shepard? Well just look at the novels. They're successful, and they center around other people.

I guess it doesn't really matter cause, let's face it: Regardless of the story, or the characters, most of us will still see it. Hell, even if they had a giant pink elephant walking around on the Citadel I'd still see it. Sure, I'd probably be wondering why it's there, but I'm still going to see it. But I digress.

I'm just saying that the writers should think long and hard about making a copy of the movie. If they did, it'd just be a watered down, less satisfying experience than the game was. Just putting it out there.

So, what do you guys think?

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