I know that there are people out there who will think me insane, or that I'm just one of those complainers who's never satisfied, but I honestly miss the elevators! Of course, I understand the problem with them. They were sometimes INCREDIBLY long, and pretty boring; However, there's nothing that can compare to the near seamless gameplay of Mass Effect! Sure, the loading screens are faster, but the problem is that it takes you out of the game! A video game that is designed to have a cinematic feel shouldn't have loading screens! Personally, I think they should've worked on speeding up the elevators, and making them more interesting. Maybe a little more banter between teammates? I firmly believe that, had the devs tried to speed up the elevators, rather than scrap them entirely, they might have caught the little elevator door problem on the Normandy SR-2, discussed here. We may never know how that elevator works! See!? Ugh! I'm just trying to rally everyone to the cause because I know I'm in the minority.

All in all, I simply wish that elevators would've been given a second chance. If anyone has an opinion, either way, speak your peace.

Additionally: I am playing ME2 right now, and I must say this now, while it's fresh. It bugs me that they don't allow Citadel exploration anymore. You're in Andersons office, you go to the door, and suddenly you're hit in the face with a menu screen asking you where you want to go. They should've opened up another area of the Citadel to explore, or something. Even if it wasn't a new area, I'd have loved to see the Citadel two years after the attack, you know? Just like I loved seeing Korriban in KotOR II. I just wish the Citadel would've been that same hub area it used to be. It could've been the familiar ground on which this game was planted. However, regardless of my minuscule little problems with it, I think the game is excellent.

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