I was just on facebook, and I was alerted to something very interesting. Now I'm as big a fan of BSG as you can get, and this looks really cool. I'm not going to say that I'm not psyched about this new chapter to the BSG Saga, because any chance I get to see Human v. Cylon action, I giggle like a school girl, but I don't get it. Are they hoping to make it into a full blown series? I thought there was a web series that dealt with this time frame. If I recall correctly, according to the web series, didn't Adama serve in the Colonial Military for one battle? I might be mistaken, but I could swear that's what was canon. Aside from that, what about Caprica? I really enjoyed the first half of the season, but, while this half is still pretty good, I'm finding that it's a little slow to catch its stride. Are they just going to let it fail, and become a one season show? Maybe they're realizing that Caprica is not as appealing as they thought? I don't know, but either way I think they're stretching themselves too thin. In the words of one of my favorite cartoon characters, "Why don't you finish this candybar before you open another one?" Having said that, I think that this "Blood & Chrome" show sounds way cooler than Caprica could ever hope to be. Regardless of what comes of this, I hope that it turns into something great, and not a huge dissappointment.

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