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  • Effectofthemassvariety

    The title says it all! I can't be the only one. This has been the longest period of time that Bioware has not released new content. Sure, I guess they need time to create a quality product, which is great. I want quality. But I'd settle for another little meaningless armor, or one off mission. ANYTHING!!! What about you guys?

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  • Effectofthemassvariety

    I was only recently looking at the suggestion on the Bioware Forums. The possibility of an uber-collectors edition is an exciting prospect. There were many ideas on the forum, but now that it's closed there's no where to put these ideas. My idea, which was shared by many on the forum, is a life sized M-8 Avenger with a wall mount. Not only that, but I think that it would be cool if it was able to be in the compact mode, and with the press of a button, it springs to full size. I know it's not a good idea to get my hopes up, but I can't help imagining the coolness of that. I just hope that they're able to keep the price low enough so that it's get-able.

    So, anyways, I'd like to hear other ideas. What do you think should be in the uber-collect…

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  • Effectofthemassvariety

    Another BSG?

    October 24, 2010 by Effectofthemassvariety

    I was just on facebook, and I was alerted to something very interesting. Now I'm as big a fan of BSG as you can get, and this looks really cool. I'm not going to say that I'm not psyched about this new chapter to the BSG Saga, because any chance I get to see Human v. Cylon action, I giggle like a school girl, but I don't get it. Are they hoping to make it into a full blown series? I thought there was a web series that dealt with this time frame. If I recall correctly, according to the web series, didn't Adama serve in the Colonial Military for one battle? I might be mistaken, but I could swear that's what was canon. Aside from that, what about Caprica? I really enjoyed the first half of the season, but, while this half is still pretty good…

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  • Effectofthemassvariety

    This Thursday, I will be saying goodbye to someone I dearly care for, My Great Grandfather, or Papa, as us grandkids called him. He passed away this past Saturday. He was 89 years old. We all grieve in our own way, and I feel that perhaps writing it down will be good.

    He served patriotically in the Army Air Corp during World War II, and flew a flag in his yard every day until the day he died. He was a loving, kind, and proud man, and he cared a lot about family. He and my great grandmother, who passed in 2004, made it a point to make and keep family traditions. Family was a priority for them, which meant that every christmas, every easter, every mother's and father's day, every thanksgiving, and even every halloween was turned into a family…

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  • Effectofthemassvariety

    As much as I think that the whole idea of seeing Mass Effect's epic story, interesting characters, badass enemies, and plot-twists o'plenty on the big screen would be cool, I'm just not sure about the idea.

    The Mass Effect games center around Commander Shepard (we'll say it's male). As a result, we share a bond with him because, well, we are him. We share his triumphs! We share his failures, then we reload and set the difficulty to the lowest point and then triumph. Without us, Commander Shepard would be nothing. Now, do you think that it's best to cut the strings and let Pinnochio off on his own? Sooner or later, Pinnochio will show up at your house, drunk as a skunk, and looking like Brad Pitt.

    Well, how can you make a Mass Effect story inte…

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