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  • Eddie Hoplight

    Reaper Tech

    May 18, 2012 by Eddie Hoplight

    When I was on my second playthrough of Mass Effect 3 I was doing the N7 mission where you go to the Cerberus lab to retrieve the reaper tech, while getting the second one I noticed on the holo-image of it it looked alot like a Vessel of Anima from the Xenosaga seires, incase no one has played them before below is the link to the wikipedia page for it.

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  • Eddie Hoplight

    This is just an idle thought i had, with the next alternate appearence pack dlc Shephard should get The Collossus Armor as another no-custome armor, Liara, Tali, James, Ashley and EDI should also the Collossus armor, Garrus should get the Phontom armor, and Javik gets an armor that makes him look like a Collector. Like i said before don't worry about it to much its just a thought i had.

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