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favourite squad?

Ecirt November 9, 2013 User blog:Ecirt

wanted to ask a question what is your favorite squad(s) In the 3 mass effect games(squad=combination of the squad mates). you may choose any combination also combination there is not possible in game. your may also tell why you like this/these squad(s).

I can start with my favorite squads.

1. Wrex and Kaidan.

I like this squad because it is impossible to kill and paired with a typhoon and a claymore it also have high weapon damage. it go's very well with my infiltrator to keep enemy of my back.

2. Garrus and Tali

this squad is god against geth thanks to overload and energy drain. is also have armor piercing ammo for well armor. this squad work well with my sentinel. she can draw enemy fire while my squat kill them .

hope your will give some interesting options. :) ecirt

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