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    ME DnD

    May 19, 2010 by Draken-Korin

    Currently working on one of these with a friend and keep having to go back to the Krogan and nerf them.

    we've done the rough backing on the quarian race and we're working on asari right now. When we're done I'll probably share what we've got here and we do take a few liberties with some things but it's to be expected with this source material especially when it comes to biotics we're having to change the moves to fit DnD while trying to be as close as possible to the source.

    I'll post what we have for the quarian so far but they're only rough notes.


    +2 INT

    -2 CON

    Racial Traits

    +2 circumstance bonus to damage rolls when dealing with synthetic enemies.

    Environmental Suit: Quarians are born and live in a sterile environment, and as such ha…

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