The Cerberus Corpsman would be a new class of Cerberus foot soldier, the first of three new faction-specific support units. The Corpsman's defining ability is their power to heal injured allies, much like how Cerberus Combat Engineers can repair damaged Turrets and Atlas mechs.


The Cerberus Medical Corps consists of highly-trained soldiers who are charged with the task of healing and treating injured and or diseased agents. But thinking these medics are any less trained than actual soldiers is often a dire mistake; Cerberus puts their medics through the same grueling combat excercises that their troops must go through and are just as disciplined and unrelenting as the next soldier. In addition to their basic training and medical expertise, medics are given close quarters combat training and are dealt specially modified M-22 Eviscerator shotguns they use to deadly effect.


Corpsmen are equipped with modified M-22 Eviscerator shotguns that can fire more often but with reduced damage. These Eviscerators also have an under-barrel electrical taser that can momentarily stun players upon a successful melee hit.

Corpsmen have moderate health and are equipped with light shielding systems that eventually regenerate over time' though the recharge speed does increase the harder the difficulty is. Corpsmen prefer to stay behind cover and out of the direct line of fire in order to maximize protection while healing a patient. Corpsmen tend to follow larger groups as well. Corpsmen can also heal nearby organics by restoring their health meter via their First Aid ability. Although the healing process is a moderately-quick one, if either the corpsman or patient dies or the patient moves too far away, the healing process is canceled and the patient is left with whatever health was restored during the healing process.