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  • Dragonzzilla

    The Cerberus Corpsman would be a new class of Cerberus foot soldier, the first of three new faction-specific support units. The Corpsman's defining ability is their power to heal injured allies, much like how Cerberus Combat Engineers can repair damaged Turrets and Atlas mechs.

    The Cerberus Medical Corps consists of highly-trained soldiers who are charged with the task of healing and treating injured and or diseased agents. But thinking these medics are any less trained than actual soldiers is often a dire mistake; Cerberus puts their medics through the same grueling combat excercises that their troops must go through and are just as disciplined and unrelenting as the next soldier. In addition to their basic training and medical expertise, me…

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  • Dragonzzilla

    Here are some ideas I had for future Multiplayer DLC, including new characters, weapons and maps. I am slowly updating this piece by piece.

    Asari Sentinels wear N7 Helmets and heavier, more distinctive armor.

    • Power One: Warp
    • Power Two: Cryo Blast
    • Power Three: Barrier
    • Power Four: Asari Justicar
    • Power Five: Fitness

    Drell Infiltrators wear Recon Hoods, which lights change depending on the player's choice of lights.

    • Power One: Tactical Cloak
    • Power Two: Marksman
    • Power Three: Decoy
    • Power Four: Drell Assassin
    • Power Five: Fitness

    Drell Sentinels wear Recon Hoods, which lights change depending on the player's choice of lights.

    • Power One: Pull
    • Power Two: Energy Drain
    • Power Three: Tech Armor
    • Power Four: Drell Assassin
    • Power Five: Fitness

    Geth Soldiers possess three-eye…

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  • Dragonzzilla

    The only limit of your Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending is your imagination. Dream happy thoughts! --Dragonzzilla 03:59, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Dragonzzilla

    I'm going to get ME3 soon and I've played the Beta and followed videos and multiplayer gameplay. For the weapons, is it better to max out a weapon's strong points or to improve upon its weaknesses? Which mods are best for each weapon? Because I kinda see the scope mod is redundant on the Javelin, so what mods should it have?

    I'm also thinking of getting Resurgence (its free! :D) and equipping the Geth Infiltrator with a Javelin and a Geth Pulse Rifle, Geth Plasma SMG, or Geth Plasma Shotgun if I ever acquire them because they just fit and kinda suit each other. Would this be a poor tactical/strategical choice or not? --Dragonzzilla 05:16, April 10, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Dragonzzilla

    New Videos

    August 3, 2011 by Dragonzzilla

    I swear to God these are actual Mass Effect 3 videos. Has anyone seen these?

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