I'm stuck with the mineral resources war asset. I have no idea about how it works and what I have to do to modify the asset value. I know it's value can be 10, 25 or 100 but wich factor determines the final value?

In my first playtrough I depleted all the planets before doing the suicide mission. Obviously in my ME3 playtrough I have 100 resources.

Later I started a new playtrough and scanned nothing before the suicide mission. In Me3 my mineral resources are now 10.

All logic so far.

Here's the issue: I'm scanning star clusters trying to find haw many I need in order to get the 100 value but I scanned 5 or 6 clusters (including the Korlus one wich has a lot of planets) and when I tried the ME3 importing that save the asset is still 10.

Here are the questions:

1.Anybody knows how exactly the war asset works? I Have over 100k eezo and 300k the other minerals.

2.Can the war asset be modifyed with any tool wich transforms the 10 value to 100? I'm really bad in this field so a detailed axplanation would be great

3.Can the save import be changed with the editor in order to give me that 100 war assets? I mean changing the Me2 file. It's a different question than the second one.

4.Do you think that the value depends on how many depleted planets you have or it just varies depending on the amount of minerals you have?

5.Maybe the suicide mission marks a point of no return in the mineral value? Meaning after the suicide mission the value is locked and it can't be changed.

P.S.: I have no problem in being cheap and just modify the war asset 10->100 in that case a little guidance on how to modify it would be great.

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