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How do you use your squadmates?

Draen1 May 8, 2012 User blog:Draen1

This is a sensation i always had when i play ME: My companions are nothing more than power users! Imagine the situation: Im at the Citadel and it's being attacked by Cerberus. My car has crashed and a wave of cerberus troops is coming. I have to do something!

As my infiltrator? Tactical cloack, stasis from Liara, overload by Garrus and every single soldier that appears in my visor receives a nice bullet.

As my vanguard? Overload from garrus, singularity from Liara and start the Charge-Nova show

But i don't see any of my enemies falling because of my partners fire i always have to finish the job.Only when i give them a grenade launcher I can see enemies stunned but not dying. I really have the feeling that my squadmates are completely useless besides their powers.

When I play Dragon Age (1) I can see my mage companions blasting enemies everywere or my tank companions picking up enemies. They have a purpose!

What are your feelings? Anyone has an idea about how to make your companions useful in combat?

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