The war is taking its toll on the galaxy. A good day is one where thousands of good soldiers die. The numbers of our armed forces can't take this pressure forever. The Reapers are using our own dead against us with their methods of synthetic conversion.

But there is a way for us to stem the tide, at least temporarily. We need to bring in new Mechs to the battlefield. Unlike our other soldiers these can be made faster, cheaper, and we do not have to worry about losing valuable organics and allies when they fall. These are expendable warriors made to order. And we've been upgrading them over the past few years.

With self and remote detonation options there will be little chance of them being utilized by the enemy.


Alliance LOKI mk II "Soldier" Mech class: Soldier

Description: The newest version of the standard LOKI Mech that has been making the rounds through human colonies and mercenary groups for the past few years. This is an exclusive Alliance design that has implemented several new leaps forward in VI, shielding, and synthetic design. Their frames have been reinforced for combat against Reaper opponents, new hydraulic systems installed for hand to hand combat, and a vastly improved VI that allows them to adapt and work with sentient partners on the battlefield.

Abilities: Enhanced Targeting Mode - When activated nearby enemies are highlighted and the user receives a damage boost, slows power usage. Flechette Cannon - A long range attack that deals bleeding damage. Shrapnel Grenades - High powered grenades that rip through flesh and steel. Alliance Programming Enhanced Hardware

Elcor Defender Mech class: Sentinel

Description: The Elcor have used their significant skill in designing and utlizing VI technology in the battlefield to create an effective Mech for the war against the Reapers. It has a uniquely Elcor design in mind which focuses on survival and heavy attacks. These are the sturdiest Mechs on the battlefield.

Abilities: Tech Armor Ablative Shields - Refocus and recalibrate shielding systems to more effectively shrug off damage. Increased damage resistance, slows power usage. Repulsor Cannons - Large energy blasts that knock down groups of enemies while damaging them. Elcor Programming Enhanced Hardware


Repurposed Orcus Infiltrator Mech class: Infiltrator

Description: Cerberus developed the Orcus mechs to supplement their own troops. The design was delivered by Cerberus defectors and retooled to become infiltration units for the battlefield.

Abilities: Tactical Cloak Smoke Grenade - Provide cover for your team. Can be upgraded to slowly damage enemies within. Enhanced Targeting Mode - When activated nearby enemies are highlighted and the user receives a damage boost, slows power usage. Alliance Programming Cerberus Hardware

Salarian Battlefield-class Engineer Mech class: Engineer

Description: The Salarians have created a unit which focuses on being a hub of smaller units. A Battlefield-class mech can be considered a fighting force unto itself if given any time to utlize its in-built drones.

Abilities: Drone Sentry Turret FENRIS Mech - Deploys a Fenris Mech to attack enemies. Salarian Programming Enhanced Hardware

Urdnot Ballistic Mech class: Vanguard

Description: The Urdnot Ballistic Mech is a uniquely Krogan design. It has a heavily reinforced frame, engines, and mass effect field that lets it zoom across the field much like a biotic Vanguard. It's strategy mostly involves it slamming its heavy frame against enemies until they are just a memory. Warning: this model utilizes a Krogan designed VI. You have been warned.

Abilities: Ballistic Charge - Using powerful back-mounted engines and reinforced ablative armor the Mech charges forward without the need for Biotics. Explosive Wave - Releases a wave of ignited plasma that burns all enemies around it. Electrified Frame - Repurposes shields to create a field of electrified energy that boosts damage resistance, damages enemies in close range, increases melee and charge damage. Severely slows power usage while on. Krogan Programming Urdnot Hardware

Enemy Faction: Repurposed Mechs

Kamikaze LOKI Mech

Description: Loki mechs became a standard defense tool for most colonies over the past few years. When Reapers overtook these colonies they took these weapons as well. They haven't bothered to upgrade the Loki's abilities, instead they have turned every single one into a walking bomb that is capable of taking Alliance troops with them. They have standard sidearms for long range combat. Hordes of these can wipe out the most entrenched locations if they get close enough.

Hyper-kinetic FENRIS Mech

Description: The repurposed FENRIS mechs have been extensively modified by the Reapers. They have been given high powered kinetic barriers with high powered engines that mimic the jumps Banshees are capable of. When FENRIS mechs get close to an enemy they charge and hit enemies with their barriers, much like vanguards with biotic abilities. These attacks are stunning and set up attacks from other mechs.

Orcus Commando Mechs

Description: The Reapers have accessed Cerberus data and gotten ahold of the Orcus design. The reapers have improved it on almost all fronts: they are faster than organics, more accurate, and more lethal. Their limited VI programming has been supplanted by Reaper code. They each are equipped with powerful Reaper-constructed rifles that are able to tear through armor and flesh.

Drone Processor

Description: This enemy is a unique unit that works in concert with other Reaper-controlled mechs. It floats a few feet above the battlefield and enhances the combat capabilities of all mechs within its range. It also is capable of using its inbuilt fabricator to create waves of combat drones that harrass N7 forces. While having no offensive capabilities itself this unit should be one of the first targeted as it can help enemy forces quickly subdue allies.


Description: These repurposed YMIR Mechs are the least changed out of the mech forces the Reapers utilize. The only significant change is that its VI programming has been replaced by Reaper code. They have enchanced power plants which means they can act independently for much longer than Alliance versions. They are extremely deadly and hardy.

Ogre Mech

Description: These Cerberus variant YMIR Mechs have also largely been left the same. They are controlled by Reaper code now instead of VI programming.

New Weapons:

Flechette Chain-gun Type: Assault Rifle Description: A large assault rifle inspired by the Flechette cannons of Alliance Loki Mechs. This fully automatic assault rifle fires out a stream of linked flechette projectiles that cause minor bleeding damage while temporarily impairing enemy movement.

Force Revolver Type: Pistol Description: Inspired by phantom projectile gloves and Elcor Mech repulsor cannons. This six shot gun has an absurdly large eezo core powering it. Instead of traditional projectiles it shoots out large waves of biotic energy designed to strip shields and barriers from opponents while sending all others flying. The main drawback of the Force Revolver is it's range: the further an enemy is from the blast the more likely they won't even feel a breeze.

Urdnot Missile-Gun Type: Shotgun Description: Not content with large bone-like projectiles, grenades, and traditional shotgun ammunition the krogan have invented something that would be guaranteed to be called a war crime during peacetimes. The Urdnot Missile-Gun is simple: when you pull the trigger six small missiles are shot out at once and lay waste to whatever is in their way. The only drawback of this weapon is the extremely small amount of ammunition it can hold along with a very long reload time. Not that the poor bastards that were just blown up will care.

Looking for thoughts or opinions on this idea. I know that Reapers could potentially hack them lore-wise, but that's why they would be considered one-use mechs.

UPDATE 1: Added new enemy mech faction and weapons.

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