Just noticed a new thread on the ME messageboards which brought up a new bit of news. Apparently the new lot of Mass Efect action figures (and newly reissued old set) will come with DLC.

Not only that, DLC that is exclusive to the particular figure.

According to the description:

"MASS EFFECT FIGURES - SERIES 01, 02 - SETS, SINGLES The Mass Effect figures are once again up for pre-order, with Big Fish taking over where DC Direct left off. Both Series 01 and Series 02 are available again, with the sets of four going for $67.99 each ($12 off MSRP), and singles of all eight figures listed at $17.99 each. The upcoming shipment will also include bonuses - each character includes updated photos, character bio, storyline, and logo, and is packaged with Mass Effect 3 branding. Each has a pack-in card and bonus downloadable in-game content, which is exclusive and different for each character."

What do you guys think about this? It would be a minimum of 8 pieces of DLC that would be exlusive to the toys which are about 18-20 USD each.

Update: Apparently according to the thread on the official forums Diamond (the distributor) is saying the same thing. Somebody is going to be calling the reps tomorrow for confirmation.

Update: More retailers are listing the DLC as happening. The figures will be available starting in April which includes the repackaging of the series one figures.


Apparently they are going to be DLC for the multiplayer part of the game. They unlock either weapons, characters, boosters, or mods depending on the figure.

Depressing Update: The DLC is going to be randomized when you enter the code.

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