Hi everybody here is an idea of a MP team. Who want to try it with me ? :)

- Volus engineer : focus on spam shield boost with 50% dammage prot + recon mine to boost dammage of team mates.

For the rest a team with a protection (tech armor, barrier, blade armor) with 40% dammage protection so you can reach the max of dammage protection (-> 90%) + a fast shield regen from volus. An example :

- Human sentinel : Warp and Throw to max your power combos (biotic explosion especially)

- Turian sentinel : warp and overload to erase shield and triger tech burst

- Batarian sentinel : Shockwave (to trigger power combos) and crowd control (and tech burst) of hard ennemies (like phantoms) with his nest. He can play more like a tank if needed.

Other solutions mostly with krogan :

- krogan sentinel : focus on weapons dammage and tank/melee ability (such as batarian) -> you can try 3 krogan to make more weapons dammage if you dont like power combos

- krogan vanguard : if you can stay near your teammate but not the best option to stay within the range of the volus.

- krogan shaman : focus on power combos, similar use than batarian sentinel to trigger it

- Batarian soldier : focus on weapons and tanky abilities but less effective than sentinel (i think) because of its lack possibility to trigger power combos.

Im waiting your comments.

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