Hi everybody,

I just made an important observation about the Mass Effect timeline, especially for Mass Effect: Retribution and Mass Effect: Infiltrator. The timing of those two stories are not clearly explained and I wanted to know more about that.

As you all know, those two stories happens between ME2 and ME3 when Cerberus is the enemy of the Systems Alliance. Indeed, during the events of Retribution, the Reapers War is not yet started because Anderson is not on earth to defend it. So, we have a pretty good clue for this affirmation. However, we always thought that the events of ME Infiltrator took place during the reaper war because we were able to have an impact on our galactic readiness by crippling Cerberus operations (freeing prisoners and getting infos). Nevertheless, those actions can be done before the arrival because Cerberus is already a threat at this time. So, as there is no clues to say it, I'm not sure that ME Infiltrator events occurs during the reapers war (Mass Effect 3) but well during the events of Retribution somewhere in 2186CE.

As you know, Kahlee Sanders founds useful intels on Cerberus operations and wanted to use them in order to cripple this terrorist organization. She came to Anderson to get some help. Indeed he was the only reliable and trusted men in the Alliance. Indeed, Cerberus possessed several mole in the Alliance as stated in the infos.

Anderson needed help to arrest infiltrated Cerberus agents and to attack several bases of operation (and the find Paul Grayson). He will then go to Orinia, a female turian diplomat, in order to get some secret help from outside the human Alliance. Orinia, along with Executor Pallin, will then assemble a turian exclusive strike force to attack several Cerberus facility. As stated in the book, "The only viable strategy was a blitz approach: simultaneously arrest all known Cerberus operatives on the Citadel while at the same time hitting key installations with military strike teams."

By analysing turian's and Grayson's date, Kahlee point then six key Cerberus locations ("Most of these targets are within the borders of Alliance territory" (4 of them) and "Two of the locations are inside the Terminus Systems"). "The Terminus facilities are orbital space stations in uninhabited systems".

At the end of those missions : “The strike teams have all reported back.” “All Cerberus bases were neutralized,” Orinia informed her. “Unfortunately, turian casualties were almost twenty percent—nearly double what we anticipated. And we failed to apprehend the Illusive Man.”

As you know, the Barn is also attacked by a turian exclusive strike force. And, Inali will say that it is not an Alliance force because they would know about it. "from the turian hierarchy thought".

Is it possible that those two event are related ? Thoughts ?--DeldiRe 14:06, July 4, 2013 (UTC)

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