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  • DeldiRe

    Hi everybody,

    I just made an important observation about the Mass Effect timeline, especially for Mass Effect: Retribution and Mass Effect: Infiltrator. The timing of those two stories are not clearly explained and I wanted to know more about that.

    As you all know, those two stories happens between ME2 and ME3 when Cerberus is the enemy of the Systems Alliance. Indeed, during the events of Retribution, the Reapers War is not yet started because Anderson is not on earth to defend it. So, we have a pretty good clue for this affirmation. However, we always thought that the events of ME Infiltrator took place during the reaper war because we were able to have an impact on our galactic readiness by crippling Cerberus operations (freeing prisoners…

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  • DeldiRe

    Hi everybody here is an idea of a MP team. Who want to try it with me ? :)

    - Volus engineer : focus on spam shield boost with 50% dammage prot + recon mine to boost dammage of team mates.

    For the rest a team with a protection (tech armor, barrier, blade armor) with 40% dammage protection so you can reach the max of dammage protection (-> 90%) + a fast shield regen from volus. An example :

    - Human sentinel : Warp and Throw to max your power combos (biotic explosion especially)

    - Turian sentinel : warp and overload to erase shield and triger tech burst

    - Batarian sentinel : Shockwave (to trigger power combos) and crowd control (and tech burst) of hard ennemies (like phantoms) with his nest. He can play more like a tank if needed.

    Other solutions m…

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  • DeldiRe

    An another fan made creepy dlc ideas, still this is some good idea we could have in the future of ME3 MP

    DLC - Citadel forces

    After the coup and due to the desperation of the war, the council decide to send its best agent to crucial mission upon the galaxy for the reaper war. A DLC who put the council races species on the frontline wit hthe best they can offer with C-sec officer (normal card = white) and spectre (gold or ultrarare card)

    - Soldier : C-Sec turian enforcement officer

    lore : Generally C-Sec officers have many years of distinguished service in the military or police forces of their respective nation, but an inexperienced applicant with demonstrable talent will be fairly considered. Uniformed enforcement officers who patrol the Cita…

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