• DeadDATA

    Keep Your ME3 Saves

    February 7, 2012 by DeadDATA

    I am not entirely sure if anyone has seen the article yet but a recent interview with Gamerzines, Mike Gamble says that it would not be a bad idea to keep your ME3 data. Read into it what you may, but to me it seems that the data could be used for a future Mass Effect title so it may be a good idea to keep your playthroughs.

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  • DeadDATA

    Recently, I scimmed through the article for the Cerberus Centurion and was interested by the fact that apparently, Cerberus grew in size and strength but no one seems to know how they've done it. After leaving the article for a few minutes, a theory about it unexpectedly went off in my head: Is it plausible that Cerberus is making clones?

    During the events of ME2, EDI could have possibly sent the data on Grunt's tank to the Illusive Man and now that he likely has Collector or Reaper technology in his possession, he could use it to develop hundreds, or possibly thousands of bloodthirsty soldiers and just keeps them under control with mind-control chips like the one Miranda wanted to give Shepard.

    In fact, what if these clones were created wit…

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