So with the overwhelming anticipation of the final edition of this epic series and the ever growing support and expansion of the franchise, I started thinking about how I unexpectedly got swept into the fanatic world of Mass Effect and how I haven't been this enthusiastic about anything since I was a kid following Star Wars. I thought it would be cool for us to talk about how we first got turned on to Mass Effect and why we love it so much. I'll start.

I first heard about Mass Effect about a year ago when I walked into a Gamestop and saw the popular ME3 poster of Shepard standing in front of Earth as the Reapers are invading (That was when ME3 was supposed to be released in Nov.'11). It looked cool and when I asked the manager about it he asked "Do you like RPG's?" I said yes "Do you like sci-fi?" I said yes. "Then this is the game for you!" he said. I only had a PS3 and didn't want to start off playing the 2nd game of a series so I was reluctant, but the manager tried to convince me that the Geneis would bring me up to speed on everything. I wasn't convinced so I left the store. A few more months went by and on a whim one day I traded in a few games and bought ME2. I almost bought it used until another patron in the store convinced me to buy it new because of the DLC, and I'm glad that I listened to him. Judging by the game's outside case and the title screen I wasn't expecting much but as soon as I started playing I was completely blown away and couldn't put the controller down. I liked ME2 so much that I went and bought a used XBOX 360 just so that I could play ME1. Then I read all the novels and comics and as they say, the rest is history. I've been a Mass Effect junkie ever since with no signs of rehab in sight.

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