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  • Darkshark74

    For those of you who read the leaked Mass Effect 3 script a few months ago, was there a huge difference in the leaked story and the finished product? If so, what?

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  • Darkshark74

    Who here pre-ordered the N7 Collector's Edition? I can't believe how fast they sold out. Now that they are trying to make money off of "From Ashes" I wonder if they will even bother with trying to produce more of them after the March 6th launch. I'll bet they will just make a GOTY edition like they did with ME1. It seemed like most people weren't even interested in the CE and then all of a sudden there was an up-roar when it wasn't available anymore. I wasn't into Mass Effect when the first two CE's came out but as I understand it, they were available for much longer than the ME3 CE.

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  • Darkshark74

    So I've been held hostage by the Mass Effect Universe ever since I became a fan last summer and I'm the type of gamer that doesn't like to start playing a new game while I'm in the middle of another. For example, I've had Skyrim since it came out last November and I haven't touched it yet because I've been told that it's a VERY long game and that once you start playing it, you won't want to play anything else. With ME3 right around the corner, I didn't dare.

    So my question is, what game(s) have you put on hold for ME3? What will you play once you have beaten ME3? I'll start.

    1. Skyrim

    2. Another Mass Effect Series playthrough (Including ME3 Multi-player)

    3. Another Metal Gear Solid Series playthrough

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  • Darkshark74

    So with the overwhelming anticipation of the final edition of this epic series and the ever growing support and expansion of the franchise, I started thinking about how I unexpectedly got swept into the fanatic world of Mass Effect and how I haven't been this enthusiastic about anything since I was a kid following Star Wars. I thought it would be cool for us to talk about how we first got turned on to Mass Effect and why we love it so much. I'll start.

    I first heard about Mass Effect about a year ago when I walked into a Gamestop and saw the popular ME3 poster of Shepard standing in front of Earth as the Reapers are invading (That was when ME3 was supposed to be released in Nov.'11). It looked cool and when I asked the manager about it he a…

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