i've been really into the comic books and novels written and drawn by the boys at bioware and i must say, they're brilliant! but lets not go into that. my main interest is the ideas of my fellow ME lovers on what, if any, of the plot and information discussed within the literature will crossover into DLC or ME3. For a point, i don't think they can exactly ignore anderson getting nearly killed thrice over and seemed to resign his post at chancellor, the fact that a reaper avatar was created by cerberus, and espicially the fct that the illusive man was nearly killed by having his base overrun with turian troops in ME: Retribution. i want to know your thought. do you think that we'll run into Kahlee Sanders and Gillian Grayson? Do you think we'll set foot on grissom academy? or how about we run into kai leng during a side quest, with him trying to kill you for cerberus, assuming you blew up the collecto base? or do you think that bioware is going to steamroll over this awesome content with a simple news announcement hosted by emily wong and some CDN posts?

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