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  • Damous Bioware gloriously has mind****ed us all.

    Legionwrex, Lancer, and all of the other mods and prominent users: Please read this person's post and let me or the entire community know what you all think in a comment or additional blog post. I respect all of y'alls opinions and admire the hard work you put into this wiki. Hopefully you will find this post to be as brilliant as I have found it to be. Bioware never abandoned us, they just had us indoctrinated the entire time

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  • Damous

    Up front this is NOT my work, I found this while perusing the internet in a fit of confused and misdirected anger after beating mass effect three. PLEASE read ALL of this.I know It's long but it's totally worth it.

    Is it just me, or does the entire ending sequence not feel like it fits in with the overall theme of the ME universe? It just feels.... off. I cant really describe it.

    It seems otherworldly and kind of unfocused.

    And when you talk to TIM, you get those weird black things at the edges of the screen.

    I am of the opinion that once reaching the Citadel, severely wounded, and losing blood, Shepard hallucinated most of the ending sequence.

    It would explain why the kid was there.

    The weird blackness when TIM tried to control you and you trie…

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  • Damous

    Considering that ME3 is truly the final chapter in the story of our beloved Commander Shepherd as well as of the vast majority of other characters in the universe, what do you believe will cross over from the books, both comic and prose? Personally, I want to recover grayson's body, fight Kai Leng, find Gillian and her gaurdian (can't remember his name), visit the Grissom academy, and encounter Kahlee. On a tangental note, I personally believe that James Sanders is of some relation to our femme fatale of the books, and thus highly believe that we'll meet Kahlee, in some form or fashion, most likely in the form of a personal mission for James or by visiting the Grissom academy. Please, thoughts as to how these and other things may occur?

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  • Damous

    i've been really into the comic books and novels written and drawn by the boys at bioware and i must say, they're brilliant! but lets not go into that. my main interest is the ideas of my fellow ME lovers on what, if any, of the plot and information discussed within the literature will crossover into DLC or ME3. For a point, i don't think they can exactly ignore anderson getting nearly killed thrice over and seemed to resign his post at chancellor, the fact that a reaper avatar was created by cerberus, and espicially the fct that the illusive man was nearly killed by having his base overrun with turian troops in ME: Retribution. i want to know your thought. do you think that we'll run into Kahlee Sanders and Gillian Grayson? Do you think w…

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