Wikia has begun switching over the default look of many wikis to the new skin. MEWiki hasn't yet been switched for logged out users, but it will happen in due time in the morning.

While you wait, I suggest that you log out and head to The Vault and check out the curious background on their main page. That sure doesn't look like New Vegas... or any of the fallout games I remember... hmmmm. Hooray giant background ads that have nothing to do with the content and distract from it! Luckily this blight doesn't seem to show up for logged-in users, but I still think it's kinda crappy. The first thing some random Joe Schmoe is going to see when they go to the fallout wiki (which they will in droves, now that NV has been released), is a giant ad for another game. Not good for the first impressions, in my opinion. I sincerely hope that we won't have to deal with similar obnoxious advertising on this wiki... but I'm ready to be disappointed.
(Edit: It appears that the ad is either randomized or has been taken down. I was referring to a giant background ad for Vanquish in the rant above. If you don't see it after you log out, consider yourself lucky! )

The switchover for us will take place at some point in the morning (Oct 21)[1]. When that happens, we'll have some work to do. If you haven't already, head to Forum:Wikia skin update to see what changes are going to be needed, as well as point out problems that have yet to be identified.

You may also wish to sign the petition to allow us to stay on Monaco as our default skin. This is looking less likely, however, as The Vault had a similar petition set up, but were one of the first two wikis to be converted.

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