aka Jeff

  • I live in Chicago, Illinois
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Software Engineer
  • I am Male
  • Dammej

    Hey folks,

    I figure most people have probably seen this by now, but just in case you haven't, here's some exciting news for video game fanatics everywhere (From ars technica):

    What's this mean? For one, that law in California banning the sale of video games to minors has been struck down as unconstitutional. More importantly, this will (should) preempt any further attempts by legislators to regulate the sale of video games. Not messing with a working system (ESRB)? Sounds good to me!

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  • Dammej

    While browsing youtube for the new Arrival Trailer that was recently released, I made a curious discovery. Apparently, we have a Youtube channel. I'm not necessarily against someone randomly deciding that they will be the face of the wiki on youtube sometime in January 2011, I'm just curious why they haven't made themselves known here.

    Tell us, secret youtube video maker: who are you?

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  • Dammej

    It begins

    October 20, 2010 by Dammej

    Wikia has begun switching over the default look of many wikis to the new skin. MEWiki hasn't yet been switched for logged out users, but it will happen in due time in the morning.

    While you wait, I suggest that you log out and head to The Vault and check out the curious background on their main page. That sure doesn't look like New Vegas... or any of the fallout games I remember... hmmmm. Hooray giant background ads that have nothing to do with the content and distract from it! Luckily this blight doesn't seem to show up for logged-in users, but I still think it's kinda crappy. The first thing some random Joe Schmoe is going to see when they go to the fallout wiki (which they will in droves, now that NV has been released), is a giant ad for an…

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  • Dammej

    Not sure how many of y'all are aware, but Wikia is currently beta-testing a brand new skin that will completely replace Monaco (the skin that nearly all Wikia wikis currently use, including us). There's a blog post from the Wikia staff that talks all about it here. Also found there are 5 of the wikis that are currently beta-testing the theme. The one that is perhaps the most relevant to us is the Red Dead Wiki, being a wiki about a video game. To see the new style, just change your skin preference on that wiki, by following the instructions as listed in the blog post:

    Why am I posting this? Because I think it's important to highlight the (huge) differences between Monaco and this new skin:

    • No more sidebar for navigation. All the relevant cat…

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  • Dammej

    There's a new Lair of the Shadow Broker preview up on the official site.

    There's a bunch of really interesting stuff in the video. I think the most interesting part of the video is that it appears that there's a gameplay mode where you drive one of the flying cars that we see so often. Very interesting...

    Also, a really deep-voiced guy is talking to Liara. Shadow Broker? Hmmm...

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