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  • Dam1730

    Which was your Favorite?

    March 14, 2012 by Dam1730

    As someone fairly new to the Mass Effect series, I am curious to find out which game of the series is the fan favorite. As a PS3 owner I haven't finished ME1 (I'm working on it now on PC) and I am wondering what people think. I think the discussion is between ME2 and ME3. About 3 hours in to ME1, I feel that the game is good, but not as refined as the others and many improvements were made when making ME2. For me, it is pretty much a tie between 2 and 3 and here's why. Many people are going to give Mass Effect 3 a terrible score because of the ending, which is understandable. The ending was somewhat confusing, but after reading other people's blogs and thinking about it more I understand the ending better. Mass Effect 3 is criticized becau…

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  • Dam1730

    After writing a few other blog posts about the "ending" of the Mass Effect trilogy, I began to ponder on how BioWare is going to extend the series. No game developer would ever throw out such a popular franchise because it's the end of the story. Weren't we all told that Halo was a trilogy? Now we've seen where that has gone. Mass Effect is a much more difficult situation than Halo though. While Halo is mostly about the combat, Mass Effect is much more than just shooting. Mass Effect is like a long running TV series like Seinfeld, Friends, or The Office. Over time we've become connected to the characters and they have become inseparable from the series. Like Seinfeld wouldn't be Seinfeld without Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, Mass Eff…

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  • Dam1730

    Doesn't Stack Up

    March 11, 2012 by Dam1730

    As a Playstation 3 owner, I wasn't familiar with the Mass Effect series until Mass Effect 2. One of the things I really liked about Mass Effect 2 is how well the events of Mass Effect 1 were explained. By the end of Mass Effect 2 I felt like I knew quite a bit about Mass Effect 1 without ever actually playing it. Mass Effect 3 was different. Mass Effect 3 didn't seem to be the standalone title that Mass Effect 2 was. Without playing Mass Effect 2, I don't know how I would have understood what was going on in Mass Effect 3. I understand that Mass Effect 2 had to be more of a standalone title because of the fact that it was the first game of the series to be on the PS3, but Mass Effect 3 could have done a better job explaining the story to n…

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  • Dam1730

    The ending of Mass Effect 3 was... interesting to say the least. I've read comments and blogs of people that have been angry about how the "trilogy" came to a close. I'm not angry, but I am confused. The ending of ME3 is unlike any book I've read, movie I've watched, or game I've played. Usually in a book, movie, or game we are given a clear sense of finality and openness. In Mass Effect 3 we are given both, which is very strange. In most cases, Shepard clearly dies as the Citadel goes up in flames or when they take control of the Reapers. Only if the player plays the perfect game are they given any glimpse that Shepard could have survived. The part that makes the ending even more strange is the Grandpa/Grandma Shepard scene with the child…

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