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    I'm doing a second playthrough to prepare for ME3, I wanted to have a flawless suicide mission, which I almost got my first time around. My main problem was that the crew died. xD I was only able to save Doctor Chakwas, my question is, after how many missions(after getting the IFF) is your crew abducted by the Collectors? My plan was to do every single possible mission before getting the IFF, but there's still the matter of Legion's loyalty mission that HAS to be taken after the IFF as that is where you get him. So just wondering how many missions after getting the IFF do the Collectors come and attack the Normandy?

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  • Daenerys Hawke

    Need Opinions: Zaeed?

    February 21, 2012 by Daenerys Hawke

    Just looking for opinions here. I have completed ME2 and I'm preparing that save for ME3, I've been working on most of the N7 missions but I was wondering if I should get Zaeed, do you think he's worth it? I have Katsumi and she's one of my favorite characters so I was wondering if you thought Zaeed was a cool character and if his loyalty mission was fun to do.

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