Mass Effect (Spoiler Free)

Hello and welcome to my mass effect review for xbox 360, now i got this game in December 2013. Yeah im very late, however i have finished all the mass effect games and i absolutely love them.

Beginning: Mass Effect starts of with with ambassador Udina and Anderson talking about the new spectre candidate Shepard, in one of the most amazing intros i have ever seen. You start on board the Normandy and interact and find information by having conversations with other Characters, which is a very cool feature.

Story: The story is about Shepard and her/his depending on which gender you choose to be,is about a rouge spectre called Saren, a turian hell bent on destroying humanity and releasing a ancient race called the reapers who destroy all life in the galaxy every 50,000 years. As Shepard you need to get a mixed species crew and find and stop saren. Sounds simple... but it isn't.

Gameplay: Mass effect is a 3rd person shooter RPG game were all your choices effect the entire game. You can have romance and choose who lives or dies in the game. What you do will carry on through to mass effect 2 and 3. Through the game you will make choices, these choices effect your morality, Renegade is bad and Paragon is good, so be careful with what you do in the game because it will affect everything.

Customization: The game has a vast array of weapons and upgrades, you can customize what your crew wears and the weapons you use. Also you can you can upgrade your characters abilities.

Space Travel: Using the Normandy you can span the milky way galaxy and go were ever you want to. You can go to different clusters and star systems and explore all the different planets, completing main missions and side missions as well.

Verdict Overall i think Mass Effect is a absolute amazing and a unique experience that carries you with it through the entire trilogy.

8/10 Amazing

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