"Many decisions await in life, none of them are easy"

Welcome to my blog about the mass effect 3 ending. Enjoy!

The mass effect 3 ending was very controversial and has become one of the most talked about endings in gaming history. People have their subjective opinions on the ending of mass effect 3. I agree with the fact that the first time you witness these endings you probably be angry but Personally I don't think the endings are bad at all. Wasn't the game built on difficult decisions? This ending was coming people. The more you see the endings the more your decisions make sense. So here is what i think of the endings below.

The destroy ending is a good choice even though its renegade for some odd reason. The benefits to this ending are clear. Such as when the catalyst said that the damage can be repaired and plus the reapers are dead. The bad thing about this ending is it does not solve Chaos, which the catalyst told Shepard about. There will be another inevitable war.

The control ending definitely is a symbol of whether Shepard is indoctrinated. Because the illusive man would of chose this option but could not control the reapers. However Shepard can control them and the player decides this ending if they want everything they thought for in the series taken away. This is Biowares clever trap.

I wont talk about the fourth ending which is basically the reapers killing all life. But i did notice one interesting fact. The catalyst looks like the boy shepard encounters at the start of the game and plus makes a reaper like voice when shepard refuses to make any of the choices.

The Synthesis ending is interesting. Personally i like this ending because shepard dies a legend. But the biggest positive about this ending is what happens. Shepard uses his/hers energy to create a new DNA which makes synthetics sentient lifeforms, allowing them to understand organics. I am skeptical about this ending, although i like it because it relates to the geth and quarian topic. And it also solves chaos. Not only does it solve the problems between synthetics and organics but the reapers help life rebuild in the future. This is a good ending in my opinion because it solves problems in the future as well as restore order in the galaxy - which the reapers were fighting to achieve.

Overall i think the ending should of been different. However i still believe that Mass effect is one of the most well developed games in gaming history.

To me Mass Effect is not just a game it is a message. Thanks for reading

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