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  • CrimsonShogun

    RIP Robin Sachs

    February 8, 2013 by CrimsonShogun

    A small tribute to the voice actor that gave us Zaeed Masani. RIP, you old god damn hero!

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  • CrimsonShogun

    The battle to retake Omega begins on 11/27. Shepard faces the forces of Cerberus (plus some monstrous new suprises), alongside Aria and the mysterious Nyreen, a FEMALE turian!

    Screenshots of the DLC.

    And of course, NYREEN! Can I just say how much I love this new character. Hope she joins the squad. With that hood, she's like the Mass Effect universe's Michonne.

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  • CrimsonShogun

    Please don't kill me, these are merely my opinions on the subject of Mass Effect's future!

    Honestly, we all know that the Mass Effect franchise won't end with the third game, however epic or conclusive it feels. Bioware has stated this is basically the end of Shepard's story, and I'm okay with that. Provided they dlc-fix his fate, I'm okay with this being his final outing. Beter he goes out in a glorious fashion, rather than be dragged on through more games until he's grayhaired, such the fate of Ezio in the Assassin's Creed games. Instead, I hope they can find a ingenious way to continue making more these action/sci-fi/rpg games.

    Here's the direction in which I believe Bioware should head towards.

    Basically, Mass Effect 4 should be to the fr…

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