I was looking up Mass Effect 3 stuff when I found this

I for one am pissed off. Think about it. Bioware spent precious time to degenerate the best part of the game. Why? I know its optional but still... Bioware is REALLY losing my trust. First they take away all of the greatness of DAO and made DA2, which attempted to appeal to a "larger CrOwD", but actually lost a lot of its true fans. Then they announce multiplayer for Mass Effect 3. I dont really mind this, but you can tell what Bioware is thinking, and the direction they are pursuing. And now they have it optional to take away choosing dialogue and making choices in the story. I do not know any gamer, even ones who spend their day playing COD with annoying ten-year-olds that dont know when to stop cussing, who wouldnt want choices in any game. Why Bioware? If you keep breaking my heart, I'll never buy a bioware product again.

Edit: Sorry if I came off a bit selfish when writing this. I know its optional, I just dont want bioware to think more about making Mass Effect: Modern Battlefield 3 in the future

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