So Extended Cut comes out June 26th. Thats great right? Yea sure I guess. But theres some problems. I know I am whining but i have to complain. I just have to...

1. EC will take up 1.9 GB of space. For PC users, that's no big deal, thats hardly a lot of space and it will download in 15-20 minutes. But for many console users like myself, thats a lot, and its gonna take a long time to download. And for several minutes of cutscenes! Not sure if its worth it. Theres a lot of people out there who cant afford the space for it, plus since its only a few cut scenes why would they bother?

2. Dawnguard comes out June 26th. Skyrim's expansion will likely be less then half the space of EC and yet ten times the content. For me, the real ending for ME3 is gonna have to wait.

3. In order to experience the "real" ending, you have to load the save BEFORE (spoilers) the attack on Cerberus Headquarters. So I have to play through all that again? The way I see it, I have to wait two hours for it to download first, then I have to wait 2 more hours, all for a few minutes? Why do you have to torture me Bioware? Why couldnt you have just put it in the game in the first place? Why?

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