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  • Crimpycracker

    Extended cut news

    June 23, 2012 by Crimpycracker

    So Extended Cut comes out June 26th. Thats great right? Yea sure I guess. But theres some problems. I know I am whining but i have to complain. I just have to...

    1. EC will take up 1.9 GB of space. For PC users, that's no big deal, thats hardly a lot of space and it will download in 15-20 minutes. But for many console users like myself, thats a lot, and its gonna take a long time to download. And for several minutes of cutscenes! Not sure if its worth it. Theres a lot of people out there who cant afford the space for it, plus since its only a few cut scenes why would they bother?

    2. Dawnguard comes out June 26th. Skyrim's expansion will likely be less then half the space of EC and yet ten times the content. For me, the real ending for ME3 is…

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  • Crimpycracker

    We did it?

    April 5, 2012 by Crimpycracker

    So, the mass effect 3: extended cut was announced today. Although it doesnt change the endings, it adds more closure. What are your opinions on this? Do you still want the endings to change anyway? Do you think this is the right decision? Do you think bioware is caving in from all the hate recieved from the past year? Or do you still hate bioware and will never touch ME3 again, even if they do completely change the ending? I for one think this is the best decision. I was concerned with the endings at first but I found peace with it. I just hope they take out the normandy crashing. I know joker almost as well as I know you cant teleport from the middle of the galaxy's greatest battle to a cowering starship, and he nor anyone on your crew wo…

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  • Crimpycracker

    I was looking up Mass Effect 3 stuff when I found this

    I for one am pissed off. Think about it. Bioware spent precious time to degenerate the best part of the game. Why? I know its optional but still... Bioware is REALLY losing my trust. First they take away all of the greatness of DAO and made DA2, which attempted to appeal to a "larger CrOwD", but actually lost a lot of its true fans. Then they announce multiplayer for Mass Effect 3. I dont really mind this, but you can tell what Bioware is thinking, and the direction they are pursuing. And now they have it optional to take away choosing dialogue and making choices in the story. I do not know any gamer, even ones who spend their day pla…

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